Speech volume range

Where ICT hardware has speech output, it shall provide a means to adjust the speech output volume level over a range of at least 18 dB.


Fixed-line handsets and headsets fulfilling the requirements of ANSI/TIA-4965 [i.2] are deemed to comply with this requirement.

Testing methods

Type of complianceInspection based on measurement data
  1. The ICT hardware has speech output.
  1. Check that the ICT is certified to meet ANSI/TIA-4965 [i.2].
  2. Measure the level (in dB) of the speech output at the lowest volume setting.
  3. Measure the level (in dB) of the speech output at the highest volume setting.
  4. Check that the range between 1 and 2 is greater than or equal to 18 dB..
Result  Pass: Check 1 or 4 is true
 Fail: Check 1 and 4 are false


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