Info and relationships

Where ICT is non-web software that provides a user interface and that supports access to assistive technologies for screen reading, it shall satisfy the success criterion in Table 11.7.

Table 11.7: Software success criterion: Info and relationships

Information, structure, and relationships conveyed through presentation can be programmatically determined or are available in text.

NOTE 1: In software, programmatic determinability is best achieved through the use of accessibility services provided by platform software to enable interoperability between software and assistive technologies and accessibility features of software. (see clause 11.3 Interoperability with assistive technology).

NOTE 2: This success criterion is identical to the WCAG 2.0 Success Criterion 1.3.1 Info and Relationships with the addition of note 1 above.

Testing methods

Type of complianceInspection
  1. The ICT is non-web software that provides a user interface.
  2. The software provides support to assistive technologies for screen reading.
  1. Check that the software does not fail the Success Criterion in Table 11.7.
Result Pass: Check 1 is true
Fail: Check 1 is false

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