Audio control

Where ICT is non-web software that provides a user interface, it shall satisfy the success criterion in Table 11.11.

Table 11.11: Software success criterion: Document success criterion: Audio control

If any audio in a software plays automatically for more than 3 seconds, either a mechanism is available to pause or stop the audio, or a mechanism is available to control audio volume independently from the overall system volume level.

NOTE 1: Since any part of a software that does not meet this success criterion can interfere with a user's ability to use the whole software, all content in the software (whether or not it is used to meet other success criteria) shall meet this success criterion.

NOTE 2: This success criterion is identical to the WCAG 2.0 Success Criterion 1.4.2 Audio Control replacing "on a Web page" with "in a software", "any content" with "any part of a software", "whole page" with "whole software", "on the Web page" with "in the software", removing "See Conformance Requirement 5: Non-Interference" and adding note 1.

Testing methods

Type of complianceInspection
  1. The ICT is non-web software that provides a user interface.
  1. Check that the software does not fail the Success Criterion in Table 11.11.
Result Pass: Check 1 is true
Fail: Check 1 is false

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