Follow the Procurement Stages

Follow the Procurement Stages provides guidance on how to consider accessibility in the different stages of the procurement process. It provides samples of text that you can cut and paste into the Call for Tenders. 

Accessibility should be considered in the following stages of the procurement process:

Writing a Call for Tenders 

 Writing a Call for Tenders includes defining the:

Evaluating Tenders

Evaluating Tenders provides advice on assessing:

  • the supplier’s accessibility capability,
  • the conformance of the product/service with the Accessibility Requirements,
  • the fulfilment of Award Criteria.

Evaluating Deliverables

Evaluating Deliverables provides guidance on evaluating:

  • the supplier's level of accessibility capability,
  • if the functional accessibility is fulfilled,
  • the Award Criteria.

Managing Contracts

Managing Contracts provides guidance on how you could ensure that the accessibility of the delivered product or service is maintained, or even improved, during the course of the contract. 

Follow the Procurement Stages provides:

  • sample text for use in the procurement stages above,
  • advice on evaluating the accessibility capability of the supplier as part of the Selection Criteria,
  • precise accessibility requirements from the European Standards for use as either Mandatory Requirements or Award Criteria,
  • advice on choosing and asking for evidence on the conformance of the product/service with these accessibility requirement,
  • advice on ensuring accessibility is maintained during the course of the contract.