Managing accessibility in the public procurement of ICT

The standard developed for this website (under Mandate 376) has been superseded by EN 301549:2018 ‘Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services’.

Follow the stages of procurement:

Use the Accessibility Requirements Generator to define accessibility requirements for:

  1. Examples of commonly procured Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs):
  2. Other ICT products or services.

Accessibility Requirements

Read the standard EN 301 549 "Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe":

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Functional Performance Statements
High level user needs applicable across technologies for all ICT procurements.

Functional Accessibility Requirements
The detailed accessibility requirements for different technologies.


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How to use the Toolkit

Disclaimer: The Accessible ICT Procurement Toolkit provides access to European Standard EN 301 549 and related technical reports (TRs) approved in 2014. Please provide your feedback which will inform future updates to the Toolkit.